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Aged Care FAQ’s

  • Do I have to have a Home Care Package for Live Your Way Australia to Provide Services?

    No! We provide a fee for service option, for privately and self-funded clients

  • How do I know what my options are for home help?

    Please call Live Your Way Australia and we can discuss what would suit your individual needs. We are happy to talk to anyone about aged care, if we are not suitable, we will find someone who is.

  • What is a Home Care Package?

    A Home Care Package is funding allocated to you by the Commonwealth Government. The funding is used to help you remain living in your home. Visit www.myagedcare.gov.au

  • How do I get approved for a home care package?

    To be eligible for home care funding you must register with the Government’s ‘My Aged Care’. Call Live Your Way Australia (0499 692 273) and one of our friendly consultants can help you with ‘My Aged Care application’, plus answer all your questions about aged care.

  • I don’t have a Home Care Package. How can I arrange for home care and nursing services?

    Both home care and nursing services can be paid for privately.

  • How quickly can Live Your Way Australia start providing private care services for a new client?

    Immediately! Please call and we will arrange a free no obligation consultation with you in the comfort of your own home.

  • What can I spend my Home Care funding on?

    You can spend your funding in three areas:

    •  Care (i.e. personal care, meal preparation, equipment)
    • Support (i.e. gardening, transport, social outings)
    • Clinical services (i.e. nursing and allied health)
  • What can’t I spend my Home Care funding on?

    The Home Care funding cannot be used as a general source of income such as buying food, paying for medicines, rent or utilities.

  • Will you send me a budget (funding plan) so I can see the costs?

    Absolutely. Give us a call and talk through what services you require. We will send you a funding plan showing all the costs and fees.

  • Will I have to contribute to a Home Care Package?

    You will be asked to pay a daily contribution, known as a fee, towards your Home Care Package. Everyone must pay the basic daily fee and some people may have to pay the income tested care fee as well. The amount you pay will boost what you can spend on care and support for yourself.

  • What is an income tested fee?

    In some circumstances you may be asked to contribute more to your care. Centrelink determine your income tested fee based on your income assessment.

  • How do I get an income assessment?

    Please call us 0499 692 273 and we can provide you with help and put you in contact with the Department of Health on 1800 227 475. Make sure you ask for an Aged Care Fees Income Assessment – SA456 form or download a copy from www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/forms/sa456

  • What if my needs change?

    We’ll work with you to change your support plan or, if you need a higher level of care, assist you to have a reassessment with the Commonwealth Government’s ‘My Aged Care’.

  • Can I pay for extra services?

    Yes. You can pay privately for any services to top up your allocated Government funding.

  • I’m a veteran. Can I still get a Home Care Package?

    Yes. People receiving help from Veteran’s Home Care can also be assessed for a Home Care Package. You can receive both.

  • How do I make a complaint?

    Contact us by whatever means you are comfortable with. Call 0499 MYCARE (0499 692 237) or email [email protected] We value your opinion and that’s why we have a dedicated team to respond to any concerns or issues you may have within 48 hours. We respect your privacy and assure your confidentiality.

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