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We can help you work on goals to develop your independence, confidence and everyday life skills so that you can make the most of your life. We want to help you live as autonomously as possible through the growth of skills such as problem-solving, communication, social, daily activities, critical thinking and more. Learn the skills to face life’s challenges through life skill training and disability skill development.

How we can help

  • Personal hygiene including personal care, do you need some help learning how to take care of yourself? We can support you!

  • Decision making and problem solving to learn to understand problems and brainstorm solutions, our support workers can help you when decisions get tricky and challenging

  • Household cleanliness including household work, need an extra hand to help you manage your daily chores? Call on your support worker!

  • Nutrition including grocery shopping and preparing and planning meals, nutrition is very important to live a healthy life, ask your support worker to help you set and stick to goals, make sure they’re small and achievable for you!

  • Communication and interpersonal to help with advocacy and contact with people and providers to support you, the NDIS and other services can get confusing, your support worker and coordinator can help you out to make sure your wishes are heard

  • Transport and travel including planning routes and using public transport, public transport can be difficult to navigate, our support workers can help guide you to take the stress out of transport

  • Emotional regulation to help with responding to and dealing with emotions, when emotions get overwhelming, tell your support worker, they’re there to listen and offer positive support

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