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Getting out and engaging with friends and the community is just as important as enjoying your home environment. Our team of Support Professionals can support you in being part of the activities and events that matter to you. We are proud of our diverse team of Community Support Professionals as they were chosen because they exemplify our shared values: they deliberately seek first to understand what is important to you. Live Your Way Australia offers a range of services to ensure you’re able to lead a life that’s active and meaningful. Our team can assist with transport, to helping you attend work or volunteering commitments, social outings, family gatherings, recreational activities, community events and more. We can provide support for just a few hours, or on a regular basis. It’s up to you!

How we can help

  • Socialisation

    Supporting you to spend time with family and friends. Participate in local activities like visiting the movies or attending a gig. 

  • Community access

    Helping you get out into your neighbourhood and into your local town or city by going with you from A to B on public transport.

  • Social activities

    Helping you try new things or continue existing activities whilst making friends – from hobbies, recreation, leisure, sports and arts to community programs like gardening or volunteering.

  • Appointments

    Getting you to and from your appointments.

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